Why should a patient speak to a Health Travel Consultant?

Health Travel Consultant

Giving oneself up to the care of a group of strangers in a hospital located in a strange country far from home is not exactly a comforting thought. There will be a hundred questions lingering in the mind of the patient – which country to choose, which hospital, which doctor, how to go about it, travel arrangements, accommodation, food and so on and so forth. But who would be the right person to answer these questions? That’s where a Health Travel Consultant comes in!

Who is a Health Travel Consultant?

A health travel consultant is usually a person who is well travelled and well versed with the medical facilities available in various parts of the world. He/she also enjoys the added advantage of understanding the cultural fabric of many countries.

By experience and with supporting data, a health travel consultant would be able to guide the patient on how to choose a hospital/doctor for a particular treatment/surgery.

The Health Travel Consultant will have at his/her disposal the best pricing provided by hospitals for various types of treatment/surgeries. He/she can help patients compare prices in different countries or at different hospitals and then choose what suits them best.

What are the requirements of a Medical Traveller?

Medical travel does not end with choosing a hospital and a doctor. Visa arrangements, travel arrangement, legal documentation, accommodation, food, etc. – all need to be taken care of, not only for the patient but also for the accompanying member(s). This is where a Health Travel Consultant plays a pivotal role providing guidance for Visa formalities, arranging travel accommodation, complying with legal formalities in the country of treatment, etc.

It is therefore not a single hat that the Health Travel Consultant dons, but many, all in an effort to ensure that the Health Traveller feels at home and well taken care of wherever he/she may choose to get treated.


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