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Top 10 World-class Treatment Options in Chennai for Travelling Patients

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The city of Chennai, in the southern part of India, is known for its beautiful beaches, hot sun, and bustling lively crowds. This large, modern city has also been known throughout the country for the high-quality of medical treatment and care available. And now over the years, Chennai has become the leading destination for travelling patients from across the globe for treatment options in Chennai.

Popular Treatment Options in Chennai

Chennai offers a complete range of medical services and treatments, comparable to the best anywhere in the world. People come to this city for all kinds of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Among the most popular are:

Heart Surgery: From bypass surgery to stents, heart valve replacement, and more, Chennai offers travelers a full range of world-class cardiac treatment alternatives. Chennai performed India’s first Heartmate II LVAD surgery. It also shines in Pediatric Cardiology, having done India’s first pediatric heart transplant here on a Russian baby.

Transplant Surgeries: Chennai has several world-renowned transplant surgeons and hospitals equipped to perform heart, lung, liver, and kidney transplants.

Orthopedic Procedures: Specialty hospitals in the city perform a full range of orthopedic procedures,including arthroscopic repairs and joint replacements. The most common of these, for international travelers, is minimally invasive knee replacement surgeries.

Oncology: From radiation therapies to the most advanced surgical procedures, Chennai is a center for the most advanced cancer treatment. It holds South Asia’s first proton cancer therapy, which treats multiple cancers through extreme precision. Chennai is also known for India’s first total marrow irradiation treatment.

Neuro and Spine Surgery: Hospitals in the city offer the most advanced procedures with neurosurgeons known for their exceptional abilities. Chennai surgeons also performed India’s first minimally invasive double curve correction spine surgery. Chennai is one of the few cities to have performed STIMO (Stimulation movement overground) on a 10-year old boy with paraplegia.

Pediatrics: A serious medical condition involving a child places immense stress and pressure on parents. Bringing the child to Chennai means that a complete range of state-of-the-art pediatric services and treatments are available in one place.

Nephrology and Urology: Kidney and urological problems are becoming increasingly common. Chennai is where a complete range of diagnostic and treatment services, of international standard, are available.

Eye Surgery: From simple cataract surgery to the most complex of sight and life-saving procedures, there are hospitals and surgeons with the qualifications and experience to perform them all. The world’s first entire front portion eye transplant was performed in Chennai in a 4-month old girl.

Cosmetic Procedures: Both essential and elective cosmetic procedures from facial reconstructive surgery after basal cell carcinoma to hair transplants and abdominoplasty procedures are performed here. Cosmetic surgeons in the city are known for both their surgical as well as aesthetic skills.

Fertility Procedures: Women from all over the world return happy after a successful IVF,IUI, and other fertility treatments, the most advanced of which are available in Chennai.

Chennai is already a well-established center for the most high-end medical care. Its reputation for offering patients the best treatment for these and a wide variety of other medical conditions is overgrowing. That is why people choose the medical treatment options in Chennai

Making The Trip

Traveling to Chennai, or anywhere else for medical treatments is not just a matter of booking a ticket and fixing a doctor’s appointment. A city like Chennai, which offers such a large number of international standard medical services, has numerous skilled doctors and hospitals to choose from. It can get confusing when multiple well-educated doctors give contraindicating treatment plans. An Independent health advisory, such as Health Travellers Worldwide, can help and guide you to make the best medical decision for each unique case.
From getting a second opinion to finding the right doctor and hospital, understanding payment procedure, making local logistics arrangements, planning for post-treatment care until a return home is permitted, and other issues all have to be taken into account. No matter how excellent the medical services are, going to a different country for treatment is always a strain. Using the services of an independent health advisory organization that places the patient first will make the trip comfortable, provide for the best care, and relieve the patient and their families of any stress.


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