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The Difference Between A Medical Tourism Company And An Independent Health Advisory

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When a person is suffering from a serious medical condition that requires surgery, nothing but the best will do. Obtaining this treatment is often hampered by the fact that the required standards and quality of treatment and surgery may notbe available where the patient resides. Because of this traveling for medical treatment is becoming more common and this has given rise to the medical tourism industry. While medical tourism services may be of some value in common medical conditions where major invasive procedures or highly specialized treatments are not required, they are often of little help when the condition requires specialist care.

What Is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism services are, in many ways, like travel services. A travelagent is a person or company that has tie-ups withairlines,hotels, guides, tours, restaurants and other services and facilities in tourist and holiday destinations to offer package tours. These ties up and the bulk business that the agent is able to generate for the service providers enable it to negotiate significant discounts on the normal prices, which are then in part, passed on to clients. The clients benefit because they will be able to travel and holiday at a cost that is lower than it would be if they had done their own individual bookings. While this is fine as far as it goes, these packages are designed to appeal to the majority of the clients and cannot be modified to suit the needs of an individual who may be looking for something different.

Medical tourism functions along the same lines. Medical tourism companies have tie-ups with a select number of hospitals and other medical services. As in the case of the travel agent, the medical tourism service provider is catering to those who have the most common of medical conditions thatare most easily treated like Cosmetic Procedures, Lasik Eye Surgeries, etc. commonly known as Elective Surgeris. Here too, meeting the special requirements of a patient who has a condition that requires specialized facilities and treatment may not be possible.

What An Independent Health Advisory Does?

An independent health advisory firm does not operate in what may be called the medical mass market. It does not represent any particular hospital, but works independently to provide a prospective patient with personalized advice, support and maintain strict confidentiality.

Health Travellers Worldwide is a leader in the field of health advisory services. The Company uses its expertise to understand the exact nature of the medical condition of the patient with the objective of finding the best treatment options. In order to achieve this the company will:

  • Find hospitals with a multidisciplinary approach to patient care with the infrastructure and amenities including operation theatres, care units, wards, patient comforts and services, nutrition quality, the availability of patient services teams that are capable of handling all patient needs and more.
  • Evaluate hospitals on 60 plus critical quality parameters to ensure that the patient will receive the best treatment and care.
  • Ensure the doctors have qualifications from the leading medical institutions in the world and are members of reputed international medical societies.
  • Check to see that the doctors are renowned specialists in their field with international exposure.
  • Provide guidance and support to the patient to ensure that the choices made and decisions taken are those which are best for the patient.

An Independent Health Advisory Is The Right Choice ForComplex and Critical Medical Issues

As the above comparison shows, medical tourism is meant for what may be described as mass-market medical care and Elective surgeries while Health Travellers Worldwide offers help to critically ill patients seeking quality health care abroad with personalized care. Both services meet patient needs but for those requiring critical medical treatment with personalized care, an independent medical advisory is the right choice.



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