Patient Stories

Our patients. Their stories.

The doctor was very good and he treated us in a very good way, even the translator was very good.

Mr. Rashid Alrashdi Oman

The company (HTW) was good and they helped me in everything.

Mr. Ali Nadham Abdul Hussain Iraq

When I reached Bangalore, I liked the people that came for pick up and assist me. The hotel was good, clean & had very good service. The consultation with Dr. Chetan was excellent & transparent. The international department & translators helped me a lot. In the end, I was very happy.

Mrs. Zahra Ahmed Sulaiman Oman

We would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the hospital for taking care of my father during his stay in the hospital. We always felt the hospital as our second home. We returned to Oman with all sweet memories of the hospital.

Mr. Ali Rashid Al Atabi, Mr. Naif Ali Al Atabi & Mr. Sulaiman Albusaidi

I sincerely thank Dr. K Sridhar, all the doctors of his team, the International Patient Services Team (IPAC) and nurses for their services.

Mr. Hayder Hussein Dhila Alnaeel

During the two weeks in the hospital, I got very good treatment and care from doctors and all the team members working on my floor. This hospital has special doctors and experience in the treatment. The hospital was very clean.

Mrs. Maqboula Humaid Khalfan Oman

I came to India with a diagnosis of HSIL (High-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion), doctor suggested surgery after my first biopsy results showed negative. Initially, I was afraid to undergo surgery but the doctors and nurses were extremely good and their approach made me feel like home. I would like to thank Health Travellers Worldwide (HTW) for their guidance and support throughout our stay in India.

Ms. Ciyizire R Clementine Rwanda

I would recommend HTW to my family & friends. I loved their concern for the patient, help, commitment & efficiency.

Ms. Judith K Inoti Nairobi, Kenya

After years of suffering from knee pain, I decided to undergo surgery. I heard a lot about medical facilities in India. I sought advice from Health Travellers Worldwide. They suggested me the right hospital for Knee surgery. I chose North India and I am really happy with the hospital’s services and care by the entire team

Mr. Hind Abdul Amir Hassan Iraq

I came from Baghdad to India with the help of the HTW office over there. I got a good driver and the accommodation in the hospital was also good. Doctors are excellent and experienced. Ms. Tahmina (of HTW) was very helpful. The translator (Ahmed) was good. I will call the HTW office for my friends or family if they have to go to India for their operation.

Mr. Hussein Ali Al-Egabi

Knee Arthritis had bedridden me and had deprived me of all the wonderful time for past 4 years. I sought advice from Health Travellers Worldwide. Big thanks to Dr.Shailaja, HTW and Muthira who took care of both me and my family in a professional way.

Mr. Unaya Mohammed Salim Alrashdi Oman

Everyone was so friendly, kind and very efficient. When I started to feel nervous, the nurses & doctors were at my side calming me down & cheering me up. Big thanks to Health Travellers Worldwide for suggesting this hospital.

Ms. Maryam Khamis Saleem Alnaabi Oman

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. I am delighted with your work. I would, without a shadow of a doubt, not hesitate to recommend Health Travellers Worldwide. I am happy that in this short time I am back with my family and friends.

Mr. Salman Abdullah Dawood Salman Iraq
Adnan Lateef Iraq
Mr. Yussuf Ali Abdi Kenya
Mahayana Abdallah
Dr. Mohaned Al Saadi Iraq
Mr. Zakariya Saif Mohammed Ali Ruwaishdi Oman
Mr. Jawad Salih Qader Dazhi Iraq
Mrs. Jane Wairimu Kenya
Mrs. Aisha Al Isaee Oman
Mrs. Hanifah Tukur Nigeria
Baby Sani Ibrahim Nigeria
Baby Jamal Iraq
Mrs. Abdul Rudugo Kenya

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