Right Hospital for Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

How Can an Independent Health Advisory Assist in Selecting the Right Hospital for Cardiac Surgery for Children in India?

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A child with a cardiac condition is a nightmare for any parent. There is nothing they will not do to ensure that the child gets the best possible treatment and is cured. The process of getting the best medical attention for a child is not simply a matter of picking up a phone and contacting the nearest hospital. The local hospital may be very good but may not specialize in Paediatric Cardiac Surgery. The best treatment may involve traveling abroad. India is one of the best destinations for pediatric cardiac care. The thought of traveling a long distance and going to an unfamiliar place for medical treatment can often be frightening. However, there is often no option if the best treatment, at the right cost, is the objective. How can you select the Right Hospital for Paediatric Cardiac Surgery in India

Why India?

The quality of medical treatment available in India is acknowledged to be unquestionably world-class as is evidenced by the following:

  • Dedicated Hospitals for Paediatric Cardiac Surgeries.
  • Dedicated Paediatric Cardiac Departments with the Paeds team, ICU, etc.
  • Round the clock experienced Intensivists for post-operative care after surgery.
  • Close monitoring by Paediatric Cardiologist
  • Cutting Edge Diagnostics
  • State of the Art Operations theatres
  • Nursing and other support services are among the best in the world.
  • Unlike many other countries, there is no long waiting period before the procedure can be done. It can be scheduled if the patient is medically fit for surgery according to the child’s and parents’ convenience.
  • Translations services are easily available for non-English speakers.
  • The cost of pediatric cardiac surgery in India is much less than in other parts of the world.

Why An Independent Health Advisory?

A large number of hospitals offering world-class pediatric cardiac surgery in India can often be a problem. Evaluating the various options to find the one that is right for a specific patient requires both medical expertise as well as detailed knowledge of the various hospitals and doctors. An independent health advisory (IHA) that has the specialized knowledge and extensive experience to offer the best possible guidance and advice to parents will not only ensure that the child receives the required treatment and care before, during and after the surgery, it will also reduce the strain on the family who will know they are in expert hands so they can focus on the child without other distractions.


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