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    Our Second Opinion platform is an advisory service which provides the patient with the medical evaluation based on the information provided by the patient or their family.This in no way determines that this is the definitive treatment the patient will require. The patient should refer their consulting physician and undergo the surgery only after complete evaluation and based on the advice of the consulting physician.

    This opinion is based only on the information which is provided and may change after examining the patient physically. The costing is an indicative estimate (valid for 45 days) and based on the study of the reports of the patient. It does not include cost of high value drugs (if needed) - the actual billing will depend on the in-person examination of the patient by the doctor. The costing and stay estimates may vary due to unforeseen complications and/or medical reasons and/or the need to administer high-value drugs. Anything beyond the package stay will be charged extra and as per the actual.

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