Cities for Cancer Treatment in India

Popular Cities for Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer Treatment

With a population second in size to only China and socio-economic conditions of every type, there are millions of people in India being treated for cancer. The millions of patients mean that Indian oncologists are highly skilled and successful in their area. The high number of successful outcomes gives these oncologists an incomparable wealth of experience in treating disease. Add to this, the well-established highly advanced technology and the reason for India to emerge as a leading destination for travelers seeking cancer treatment is evident. India is where the best medical services are available at exceptionally low costs.

Four Main Cities for Cancer Treatment in India

India not only has a vast population, but it is also a big country with large cities spread across the subcontinent. All these cities have excellent and rapidly improving medical infrastructures to cater to the increasingly sophisticated demands resulting from the country’s rapid economic growth. All these cities offer cancer treatment, but as in all states, some cities are better known as oncological treatment centers than others. Among the best known are:

Treatment and Surgeries in Delhi –The nation’s capital, where India’s latest technology launches first, including the cyberknife and PET MRI. 

Treatment and Surgeries in Mumbai – Known for being the center for Pediatric oncology and Gene Therapy 

Treatment and Surgeries in Chennai – home to South Asia’s first proton cancer therapy. 

Treatment and Surgeries in Bangalore – India’s IT hub and one of the most sophisticated cities in the country for medical care.

All these cities have international airports and are well connected to the rest of the world. There are many other highly reputed treatment options in other towns and cities, but these will not be known to the international traveler. Because some of them may lack direct global connectivity, travel may be slightly more cumbersome.

The Advantages These Cities for Cancer Treatment in India

For the international medical traveler, all the cities mentioned here offer several advantages that will make the trip and the treatment much easier for the patient.

  • As already mentioned, international air connectivity means that travel is not a problem.
  • These are all major metros with world-class facilities in terms of communications, transport, etc.
  • Accommodation for caregivers and patients post-treatment, but before they can return home, is available in ranges to suit all budgets.
  • Being international cities, food is available to suit all nationalities and tastes.
  • There are numerous entertainment options for patients to avail of during the recovery period.
  • English is widely spoken, and for travelers speaking other languages, translation services are available.

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Which City?

The number of cities and hospitals available makes finding the one that fits a patient’s specific needs difficult, especially for those who do not know India. Contacting an independent health advisory that is patient-focused and has the local knowledge of hospitals and medical expertise to evaluate patient needs and match them to the right hospital is the best way to ensure getting the best possible treatment and choose the best Cities for Cancer Treatment in India


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