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The HTW Portal is set to change the way information flows for patients seeking treatment abroad and for Payors such as Ministries of Health/Ministries of Defence, Insurance Companies, Corporates and NGOs who sponsor patients.

Our Health Travel Portal serves as an interactive online platform to share information with all the stakeholders – Patients & Payors. It is an innovative and efficient tool to track the patient right from Touch Down to Take-off. The portal also facilitates medical updates, discharge intimations, billing updates and bill settlements. It works as a one-stop information platform for international patients to ensure a seamless communication process for all the stakeholders.


Preferred by Ministries of Health, International Insurance Companies, NGOs, Corporate Houses & Expats

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Being in the healthcare industry, we realize the importance of confidentiality of patient information. We have tried to achieve the optimum balance between confidentiality and transparency in our portal through the use of the right technology.

  • Built on proven platforms using the latest technology
  • Scalable to accommodate large accounts of HTW
  • Tested for optimum performance under high load conditions
  • Certified https protocol
  • Hosted on dedicated secure AWS servers
Responsive Design
  • Responsive on various tablets

The HTW Portal is capable of handling all international patient processes right from raising a query and query management, through patient treatment and up to payments and settlement.

The Health Travel Portal provides high-level dashboards for the stakeholders. These dashboards provide real time status summaries of the international patients under the various processes in their respective health travel cycle. The portal also provides various reports that can be viewed and downloaded by stakeholders.

Any registered HTW patient (non-credit patient) can access the portal through the Patient Dashboard. This dashboard provides the patient with details of the status of his/her query. It allows the patient to view the quotes provided by various hospitals and choose the one that suits them the best. While the patient is being treated abroad, the patient’s family back home can view regular updates on the patient’s status using the portal. The portal also provides the patient with alerts about his/her travel to and from the healthcare destination, including flight details, airport pick-up and drop details, etc.

The Payor Dashboard has been built for the use of Payors such as Ministries of Health/Ministries of Defence, Insurance Companies, Corporates and NGOs who sponsor patients. It provides them with the ability to check the status of queries of their patients. The Payor can view doctor opinions and quotes to provide approval. They will be updated about the travel details of their patients. Most importantly, Payors will receive periodic treatment and billing updates about their patients who have travelled abroad for treatment. The Portal also provides intimation about invoices and payments on completion of treatment. It works as a single-window information platform for the Payor, covering the complete travel cycle of their patients.

  • Dashboard at Master Payor level and Individual Payor level
  • Graphical MIS of operational and financial data
  • High level snapshot of query management and patient status
  • Register a patient
  • Raise a medical query
  • Receive doctor opinion and quotes from hospitals
  • Track your queries
  • Accept or reject quotes from hospitals
  • Request for modification of quotes
  • Medical Visa related documentation
  • Receive patient’s airport pick-up details
  • Periodic treatment updates and billing updates
  • GoP enhancement
  • Discharge intimation and actual discharge update
  • Departure intimation
  • Updates on hospital invoices
  • Hospital payables
  • Various reports under Query Management and Invoices & Receivables

The Master Payor Dashboard is one level above the Payor Dashboard. It provides consolidated MIS for a Master Payor, for example the CEO of an Insurance Company or the Director of Treatment Abroad Department in Ministry of Health. It serves to provide a top-level snapshot of patients who have travelled abroad for healthcare through HTW. Various parameters of international travel are addressed in this dashboard, such as details of queries, patients under treatment, financials such as payables and aging, etc. It helps Master Payors in high-level decision-making regarding health travel for their patients.

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