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Proton Cancer Therapy – The Most Advanced Radiation Treatment

Proton Therapy is the latest technological development to help fight cancer. It is especially significant for patients in whom unwanted side effects are to be avoided like brain tumours, prostate cancers etc. After treatment, most proton patients require no follow-up for side effects and complications.

Proton beam therapy utilizes a beam of protons to irradiate cancerous tissues and possibly terminate abnormal proliferation of neoplasms while ensuring that the surrounding healthy tissues are not completely destroyed. Therefore, it has the potential to decrease the radiation dose to normal tissues which are next to the tumour.

It can be used in regions such as Brain, Eye, Lungs, Spine, Prostate, Head & neck and Pancreas.
We are working with a renowned hospital in India which has a full-fledged Proton Therapy Center, the first in Asia, to increase accessibility of this treatment to patients from all over the world.

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