choose a surgeon for appendectomy emergency

How to Choose a Surgeon


Having undergone an appendectomy myself, I have a fairly good idea of the fears a patient might have. In case of an emergency, you don’t have much of a choice on who should treat you. But in the case of planned surgery, you can take your time and choose your surgeon wisely.

What Are the Factors to Consider to Choose a Surgeon for Appendectomy Emergency?

These are a few things that I would suggest:

  1. Qualification
  2. Experience
  3. Ethics
  4. Compassion & empathy

If even one of the above is missing, I would reconsider being treated by that surgeon. Qualification is a very basic necessity. It gives the surgeon the necessary skills to operate on a patient. Experience in doing a particular surgery ensures positive clinical outcomes. Therefore, qualification and experience cover the professional aspects of what I would expect of a surgeon.

On the personal front, ethics, compassion and empathy are a must for any surgeon. Ill health and treatment are very personal and emotional to a patient. However skilled a surgeon maybe, he/she can gain the confidence of a patient only through ethical practice, compassion and empathy.

Background Check

A patient needs to do the following background work to choose a surgeon for an appendectomy emergency:

  1. Gather enough information about the doctor – ask friends, family and trusted family physicians – word of mouth is the best way to gather information.
  2. Find out the doctor’s qualifications and experience – you could get information from the internet, from the hospital or from the surgeons themselves.

The Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

  1. Is it absolutely necessary to undergo this procedure? Are there any other options?
  2. How many such procedures have been performed by the doctor in the past and how the experience has been?
  3. What are the possible complications that may occur?
  4. How will the recovery period be?
  5. Is it possible to talk to former patients who have undergone similar surgeries?
  6. What are the implants that will be used, if any?

Having a Friend or Family Member with You Is Always Helpful

When you meet the surgeon, take a trustworthy and sensible family member/friend with you. A second mind will always help in clearing doubts and arriving at decisions. They will also serve as moral support.

If possible, meet the surgeon a second time with a list of doubts. Get them cleared.

Arriving at a Decision

If, after all this, you walk out of the surgeon’s office with reasonable answers to most of your questions, happy to be in his/her care, you have met the right surgeon. Go ahead – place your trust in him/her and get the procedure done. All will be well.

Taken from the personal blog of Mr. Zakariah Ahmed.


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