Facts About Spine Surgery In India

Facts About Spine Surgery In India: Where And How To Get Started?

Spinal Cord

According to estimates, over 80% of the global population will suffer from back pain at some stage in their lives. Back pain can be very severe to the extent of affecting mobility and the quality of life. In most cases, the condition resolves itself or can be cured by medication and exercise. However, when the problem becomes a chronic one, surgery is often the only way of relieving the pain and enabling the normal movement to return. When a spinal problem that requires surgery is diagnosed, knowing where to have the procedure done is critical to ensuring a successful outcome and a return to normal life.


India has emerged as the leading destination for those in need of spinal and other advanced surgical procedures. The reasons for this are many. The major ones include:

  • The availability of hospitals with state-of-the-art medical equipment and fully equipped operation theatres for spinal surgeries. Among the key factors to consider are:

A. 24×7 availability of neurologists and neurosurgeons

B. State-of-the-art MRI and CT equipment is available across the country

C. Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Surgery options are available here which is not the case in many other countries

  • Doctors and surgeons that are globally acknowledged for their world-class qualifications, extensive experience, and outstanding surgical skills.
  • Almost all specialized services are available in the fields of Neurosurgery, Neurology and Neurocritical Care.
  • Post-surgical care of high standards provided by fully trained and qualified nursing and support staff.
  • Excellent physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities to enable patients to regain their mobility as safely and quickly as possible.
  • No language or communications barriers. While English is spoken all over the country, most hospitals have arrangements for translators to be available to assist patients from non-English speaking countries.
  • Diagnostic and examination facilities and services that are among the best in the world.
  • Unlike many other countries across the globe, these world-class medical services are available without having to be on a long waiting list. Surgeries are generally available at the patients’ convenience.
  • The cost of the surgeries will vary depending on the nature of the medical condition and other health-related issues. However, generally speaking, the cost of these procedures is around 25% to 35% of what a similar surgery would cost in Europe or North America. Even with the cost of travel for the patient and caregiver taken into account, the overall cost-benefit of spinal surgery in India is exceptional and that too without any compromise on the medical standards.
  • After the surgery patients will be allowed to leave the hospital but will be required to remain in the vicinity for some time to follow up tests and examinations. India offers a wide variety of accommodation options that are comfortable, clean, safe and suit all budgets.
  • A bonus is that after travel is permitted, patients have the option of exploring one of the most beautiful countries in the world that have been high on the wish list of all travelers because they are already on the spot. It is a wonderful way to complete recovery.


Spinal surgery is a major procedure and there are a large number of factors to be evaluated before decisions about surgeons, hospitals and other issues are taken. The stress of all this is not good for the patient. The advice of an independent health advisory organization will provide not just all the information that is needed, but also advice to enable the right decisions to be made.


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